Framing Passed but shouldn't have

In the picture there are two reasons that are visible as to why this should not have passed, yet it did.

R602.3.3 Bearing studs. Where joists, trusses or rafters are
spaced more than 16 inches (406 mm) on center and the bearing
studs below are spaced 24 inches (610 mm) on center, such members
shall bear within 5 inches (127 mm) of the studs beneath.


  1. The top plates are two 2-inch by 6-inch (38 mm by 140
    mm) or two 3-inch by 4-inch (64mmby 89 mm) members.
  2. A third top plate is installed.
  3. Solid blocking equal in size to the studs is installed to
    reinforce the double top plate.

Trusses not properly anchored to top plate with engineered hardware.

Double top plate is fine…your correct on the hurricane straps…

one more item left…

PS. Yes there are plywood clips.

Were the top plates 2x6s or 3x4s? I have yet to see a 3x4.

No, its a 2x4 double top plate… this is new construction… I am dealing with an engineer about the trusses that will have to be cut.

The framing is typical construction here except for the blocks which are not required. It really depends on where you live as to the type of framing that is required. The only time hurricane clips are used are in manufactured homes for when they move them. If the wall is over 14 feet in height then mid gerth blocking is required. At 16 feet blocking is required at all sheathing joints and if you go 18 feet them sheathing is required to be nailed not stapled.

I agree, been done like that for years. Now they add

Read this article;

this is what it is coming too.

And anyone notice the layout?:):wink:

clipped 2 stud corner

No energy heel required?

Good Information Marcel. A few years ago a GC tried to do it but the engineer would not allow the non use of trimmers. We ended up going conventional.

R602.3.3 Bearing studs. Where joists*,** trusses or rafters are
spaced more than 16 inches(406 mm) on center and the bearing
studs below are spaced 24 inches
(610 mm) on center, such members
shall bear within 5 inches (127 mm) of the studs beneath.*

Studs in photo are 16" on center.

Thanks. My bad.

OK, Jeffery, what is the 2nd item?

Greg said the blocking is not require however it is in fact required.
The framer only did four feet from the corner however all edges should be nailed, even more so as the height of the walls get greater…failing to block them out can create ripples which will translate to the exterior of the veneer. When I look at issues such at this, I look at it not so much as a code issue but a practical issue…if code applies then I will cite it as well.

Unfortunately as you (Joe) and I have discussed, interpretation of the IRC is subjective based upon the inspector conducting the inspections.

There were some other issues which the building inspector missed which included improper use of nails (non corrosive) with pressured treated material and the spacing and use of the foundation anchors.

Nice. Just about to look it up.

Engineered trusses the second item?
I can not see the full truss.

The blocking makes sense. The aspenite sheathing needs reinforcement at the intersection.

Just to clairily, In Alberta and saskatchewan Canada they are not required on a 8’ or 10’ wall. We do not have the winds like you would so sheer and wind loads are different. Like I said, It depends where you live.:shock:

What if the sheathing is laid horizontally, 4’ by 8’ not vertically or does it make a difference?
The RH in aspenite, un-cleted or unblocked ends may allow weather penetration.
You guy use siding on most of your residential building still or am I mistaken on both counts.

I does not make a differance which way it is layed. We use 3/8" OSB on the walls layed horizontally.
You are also right on the siding, about 70% of homes have vinyl siding. Weather should not be an issue, that is what the exterior finish is for. The blocking is for sheer or wind loads not for weatherproofing. Most people get blown away by the fact that we don’t have to have our corners lapped either. You only see lapped corners commercial building and on homes with guys from down East. :mrgreen: