Franchise Support

Greetings and Happy New Year to all!

The BrickKicker Inspection Services is proud to have made InterNACHI its primary inspection association across our national platform. The BrickKicker has been in business nearly 30 years operating the largest inspection firm in the Chicago area, as well as 46 offices nationally. Our values, and code of conduct matches InterNACHI’s and this is why we feel our partnership with InterNACHI will help us both to achieve much success in the years to come.

If anyone is looking for more information on opening and running a inspection franchise, or just wants more info on other tips of the trade, please feel free to reach out. We are very much supportive of the industry and have a proven track record of defending the good of this business in our local markets.

Maybe you or someone close to you is nearing the end of a successful inspection career, but don’t know how to make the next steps to retirement. We certainly can help, as we have been involved in this process many times over.

The BrickKicker family is excited to see what is in store and to provide opportunity and help to fellow InterNACHI members.

To much success in 2016!

Andrew Fox
General Manager
The BrickKicker

I will be retiring soon and selling my business. Asking $80,000. No compete or training. It is tough here in KC to compete with the $200 franchise guys who love to “satisfy” the REA’s that they work with.

What kind of help are you talking about?