InterNACHI teams up with The BrickKicker home inspection franchise.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have aligned ourselves with the organization that InterNACHI has become. The benefits and education provided will continue to help grow and develop The BrickKicker brand.

Go team InterNACHI!

Andrew Fox
General Manager
The BrickKicker

Andrew, since I am retiring, contact me if you are interested in purchasing one of the largest home inspection companies in KC.

I’m not trying to insinuate anything. I think both are great organizations. I’m just confused what is meant by partner? Does brickkicker now have a financial or legal stock or right to internachi?

No, just a strategic partnership. InterNACHI is a tax-exempt non-profit that never issued stock, and so can’t ever be owned.

Nick, can you answer his questions and explain what this means?


A strategic partnership is not a legal partnership, and why I use the term “teams up” in this thread’s title. More at:

Cool, can I team up with you guys too?

I don’t think anyone here needed your interpretation of a Strategic Partnership. What people want to know is Specifics about what your specific partnership means for you and this brickkicker company?

What benefits (or any type of perk) do they get that any other member gets from Nachi?



Is that the same home inspection company tbat mustered up a grand total of 38 inspections over the last five months?

Did that number include the one off ancillary inspections as well?

It may have.

Maybe he is working as a sales agent for some other HI company that wants to sell??

Or how the heck does this benefit InterNACHI members?

All this “announcement” does is imply bigger companies are getting preferential treatment over the one man shops.

Inspector Outlet will now be selling toe guards at half price? :stuck_out_tongue:

In another thread

you said several times that NACHI has no partners of any kind and never will.

Were you “mistaken” then ? or Now?
You can’t have it both ways.


I would need the URL of exact post and the post # where you claim I said that. They just doesn’t sound like my words.

They could use someone to proofread their copy. Just sayin’.

I already posted the thread. here it is again

look at post 47 to start, but you said the same thing several more times.

**The MICB has no partners. ** It’s a vendor offer and I’m obligated to alert CMIs to all vendor offers for them to review. CMIs aren’t my employees or children. I don’t make decisions for them.


Also wondering what this partnership "Teamed Up’ entails

Is it simply both organizations claiming that the other is a good choice for inspectors?

Do InterNACHI members gain discounted franchise fees from BrickKicker?
Do InterNACHI members get free startup cost from BrickKicker?
Is BrickKickers offering to pay our InterNACHI memberships?

What are the perceived and realized benefits of this notice.