Free 30-day warranty for InterNACHI members in ON, NB, NS & NF provinces.

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Nick, this is a great service and marketing too for InteNACHI inspectors. FYI, the NEXT button seems to re-cycle the page.


There are approximately 43 inspectors in NB, NS & NL and Quebec has just as many. So WHY is Québec not covered?


Because it’s a pilot.

But why not include Québec in your pilot…

It must have something to do with the French language law.

A comment I got from a prospective client. “Does the Warranty run from the time of the inspection, or the time of the closing. As closing can be 90 days after the inspection, the warranty in this case is worthless to the client if it is dated only from the inspection. It serves only the seller”

This was a good question I couldn’t answer. Any info on this? :shock:

Same thing is being offered by Home Gauge if you are using there program. I think it is a great idea InterNachi is offering it too.

Did you looked at the link I posted?

It appears that it’s not such a great idea with this particular company…

I’ve just got off the phone with Nationwide Home Warranty and here are some interesting tidbits that came out of the conversation.

  1. They are nothing to do with the Nationwide Home Warranty group in the U.S. They are a subsidiary of Nationwide Automobile Warranty, one of the largest Warranty companies for Autos in Canada.
  2. They are nothing to do with Nathan Thornbury.
  3. The 30 Day warranty starts from the CLOSING date not the date of Inspection
  4. Every client that converts from the 30-day warranty to a full warranty lands the inspector a commission of around $50 for the first year only as a ‘referral fee’. This would need to be disclosed.
  5. They are a Canadian company, incorporated here in Canada.

The original link the Nick sent round (top of this thread) doesn’t work but I am getting a new one sent. The contract has now been amended to show that the warranty starts from the closing date, not the date of inspection.

I hope this helps. As and when I get the promised email of confirmation of these items, I will circulate to InterNACHI/OntarioACHI/AlbertaACHI.

Thanks Len. Get us that new link.

Below are additional info I got from Phil at Nation Wide Home Warranty:

Good morning. The free warranty starts on the closing date.
Im not sure why its not in Quebec right now. Probably a language issue. I do know that the long term plan will include Quebec. So im sure that’s being worked on.
Ill resend the InterNACHI letter also. It has linksto the website, coverage…and the link you need to the info for the free warranty

Thanks Marcel, pretty well confirms what I was told there. Still haven’t got the repeat email yet, or anything that confirms what they said in writing.

And this followed the email received from Nation Wide Home Warranty mentioned above:


ALL InterNACHI inspections will now come with a 30 day home warranty **INCLUDED!! **There is no cost to you or the client, and no additional inspection requirements. Simply “part of the package” when a client uses an InterNACHI inspector !

We are constantly striving to improve our client and inspector services. And, in an increasingly competitive market… THIS…will help us to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

When you are able to advertise that your inspection actually comes with a warranty…the public will choose an **InterNACHI **inspector FAR more frequently.

This link is to the registration log. Keep it for future use.

Its VERY simple and takes 20 seconds to complete. You MUST complete the form for EVERY inspection. Do not forget or the warranty will NOT BE VALID. You can remit the form after each inspection…or choose to do it weekly. That’s it…you have no other requirements!!

As a member of InterNACHI, there is no enrollment. Simply go to the registration log link provided above,(Green) and fill in the information.
The client will be e-mailed the contract. That simple!

You can review the coverage details etc at]( The clients will receive 30 days “basic” coverage.

Any questions regarding this can be emailed to or call 877 303 5695.


Thanks Marcel.


Huh? I clicked the link and your providing the same info everyone is complaining about. Too damn funny!

Take a look at the post Claude made

Just received another email yesterday:

THE NATIONWIDE HOME WARRANTY BROCHURE IS NOW IN A PRINTABLE FORMAT TO GIVE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS…… GO TO On the home page, click on “brochure”. Then you may print it to give to your customers when you give them the
FREE 30 DAY WARRANTY…. Remember that you will receive a
that chooses to extend the warranty. All you have to do is give away the free warranty!
Remember to enter all the info for the inspections you did this week. We don’t want a customer to discover they should have received a warranty…….but didn’t.

If you click here
it will take you to the page to enter your customer information.

Feel free to call with any questions 877 303 5695

Curious, has any inspector submitted the free 30 day application for a client?
Feedback appreciated!