I'm pleased to launch InterNACHI® Inspection Warranty

Dear Home Inspection Community:

I am thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking new offering to the industry - the InterNACHI® Inspection Warranty.

At InterNACHI®, we’re committed to empowering our members with the success tools they need to excel in the home inspection industry, and this new warranty is a testament to that dedication.

With the InterNACHI® Inspection Warranty, our inspectors can now offer their clients an added
layer of confidence and protection. This warranty not only enhances the value of your services
but also solidifies your reputation as a trusted professional.

We know inspection warranty programs are powerful marketing and risk reduction tools if they
offer credible coverage. Up until now finding a program that is worth the value has been a
challenge. We’ve eliminated the loopholes and elevated the protection to create a best-in-class
inspection warranty.

Sign up at: InterNACHI Home - Elite Warranty Program

Together, we will continue to lead the way in shaping the future of home inspection.

Nick Gromicko



I read one of the FAQ’s with regards to comparing it to another one of the warranties out there. From what I read I think I can add to that description.

“The other warranty is a POS. The INACHI warranty is not a POS!”

Add this to the Buyback program and that adds to some comprehensive coverage. If you want to keep the house and have smaller stuff to handle then this warranty handles it. If you don’t want to keep the house then the Buy Back warranty covers it.

Why so long to roll out such a winning combination?


Warranties are regulated at the state level. Had to put up reserves and get approvals from every state.


We received approval in all 50 states, BTW. We start work on Canada tomorrow morning.


I don’t see anything about a cost. Is there one? Is it a different cost if we already have InterNACHI Insurance?

And not integrating with ISN is a problem for multi-inspector firms. That’s a lot of inputting, and I’m going to potentially have to pay someone to do it.


INSPECTORto pay $22.00 per Limited Warranty issued to INSPECTOR’s customers.


$22 per inspection?

For a mere $3000 in coverage?


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Plus your Admin time having to “deal” with it, so… $50+ per??


The 90/120 day part is tough. I find the majority of the folks calling and trying to say we missed something come in at around the 4-6 month mark of being in the home. Pair that with having to have one of our client care input it all, as Ian already mentioned, this isn’t as enticing as I’d hoped.


Is this for houses that are only listed with a realtor?


Warranty Managers Kathleen Kuhn and Ben Garrison are going to come on this thread and answer questions about coverage, InterNACHI member discounts, etc.


Are we required to register every inspection we perform or can we only register clients who want the warranty coverage?


Ben Garrison and Kathleen Kuhn: A member found one section that says mold is $2,500 coverage and another says $3,000.

Which is it?

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BTW: Make it $3,000. Fix on the site.


I’m wondering the same. I would love if this is an “add-on” service that the client can select.


If that’s the ONLY ben OK… … … … …


$20 for InterNachi members. No integration as we want to be 100% sure the client data is not being shared or sold. You can upload a csv file with multiple properties to streamline the process.

$3000 is the maximum plan pay out. Per claim limits are $2250 for mechanical, structural claims. $1500 for roof and mold. Didn’t see where the website said $2500 for Mold.

You are not required to use it on every inspection however it is highly recommended that you make it very clear in your promotions that it is an optional offering.


RE agents have used home warranties as a advertising/ negotiating tool for a long time. Much more extensive than this, so I’ll leave this type of warranty and liability, up to their clients…not mine.


So, this is being touted and marketed as “Internachi Inspection Warranty”.
Who else is this being marketed to, and allowed to purchase Internachi branded products?
Seems to take away any benefit/value from actual Internachi Members!