Free, 5-year, gold InterNACHI pins... order yours now!



Have you thought about 1, 2, 3, 4 year pins? Copper,Bronze,Silver,Gold, and Platinum?
Just a thought.

Nick, those look great and I hope the Members like them.

Can’t wait to get mine next year.

On behalf of the Awards Committee,

Thank You

We once had an Executive Director who…among his many other medals…wore the NACHI “35 year” member pin, if I correctly recall.

They are really much nicer than the pictures depict. They look like real gold and are very fine.

We all must belong and get recognized or else…we are nothing!!!

Maybe you can get a 5 year non-member pin Brian.:roll:

Wouldn’t that be a virtual pin?? Already got it!!

very nice idea

Jim, why do you feel comments like that are necessary? What happened to nice pin, can’t wait to earn one, congratulations to those that are eligible, etc., nope gotta go with the smart *** comment against John Bowman.