Free advertising for inspection industry vendors at our NACHI.TV studios.

NACHI.TV’s new studio is as big as an airplane hanger. We are currently building stadium style seating for filming live audience participation of our educational courses.

One large wall will be visible to the cameras from the side of the audience.

We’d love to fill it with a few banners from vendors to the inspection industry. This is prime advertising space that will be seen periodically on www.NACHI.TV episodes.

Cost: FREE. Just send us the banner. It can be as big as 15’ high and 100’ long but should be no smaller than 3’ by 5’.

Email me if you are interested in providing a back drop to our live audience episodes.


Awesome opportunity Nick. You’re awesome!!

FREE advertising.

If I were a vendor, I’d jump all over this opportunity.

I’m looking forward to seeing the studio filled to capacity.

Nice job, Nick.