Nachi Tv

Hello Everyone,

I while back you saw a lot of posts about NACHI TV. What ever happened to it???

In an agreement with FREA, we are allowing them to roll out NACHI TV in their Communicator Magazine (for inspectors and appraisors). FREA’s President Nigel Bonny filmed a show at our NACHI TV’s studios in Boulder, CO over 2 days regarding home inspector liability and how to limit it. We also gave the magazine an exclusive one-on-one interview with me and they gave us 3 full pages of ads. I spoke with Terrie, the Communicator Magazine editor, and she said that it should go out this week. I have not been given a preview of the interview but I’m praying that it reads OK. As typical with me, I’m sure I made some off-the-wall comments. She did the interview over several weeks. 140,000 copies in all are expected to ship across the U.S. and Canada. Terrie said her printing company (up north) got snowed in and there were some delays. Let me know if you get it. We are nevertheless in full production and have done several inspection related commercials, filmed the Commercial Inspection course live and the Certified Well Sampler course live. We’ve also done something else that is pretty dramatic, but we’re not allowed to reveal until the magazine comes out. If it doesn’t hit by tomorrow, we’ll have to wait another 12 days or so as the entire crew (including equipment) of NACHI TV is flying down to Orlando to shoot commercials for inspectors at Inspection Universe . We’ve built a third set on location at the show. If you come, we’ll make you a digital commercial for your inspection business on the spot, no charge. NACHI TV will be used partly for marketing NACHI members, partly for providing consumer related information and partly for educational purposes. I hope to eventually have a show on everything inspection and then after everyone has had a chance to watch it (sort of like homework) have the guest teach more about the subject with our new I also think we can eventually make some shows live and interactive but that will come in good time.

Thanks for your reply Nick.

Did you get the latest Communictor Magazine issue yet?

Latest? I have never recieved one. Should I be?