FREE coloring book image for inspectors

I recently set up a coloring book page for members to give to kids on an inspection in an easy to download place on our website. Just something else to take to an inspection to help people remember you.


This is amazing!

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Levi, You’re The Best!

May I recommend. Home inspectors leave coloring pages at your local restaurants for kids to color.
I will leave them with a business card at my local diner.

Thanks Levi!

Kid! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’d bet most of these new inspectors need them more than the kids!! :laughing:


That is really cool, Levi! :smile:


Good idea Robert. Thanks for the comment.

:grinning: Coloring is an excellent learning tool. Having a rhinoceros on the roof might cause some pretty substantial defects.

May I humbly but wishfully add to your comment, Levi. … If the weight of Santa, the sleigh, the 9 well feed reindeer and the ‘reams of toys’ for good little boys and girls around the world are not having adverse live or dead loading effects on a roof structure, I highly doubt a rhinoceros the size on the one in the coloring image will have any adverse effects.

Great work buddy.
Printing copies for my local dinners, with a business card attached to every second one:-)
Levi, “You’re The Best!”

Levi, if I am make a recommendation pass a marketing idea to Nick Gromicko. Have home inspectors businesses printed at the bottom of the coloring pages. To add. … Even coloring books as presentation to give to clients for their children.

Moreover, Levi. If this great idea of yours works out. Could you please dedicate the first coloring page to the Honorable Ontario home inspection team of Char and Roy Cooke for Christmas please. I am sure members would truly understand its meaning.

Respectfully yours.
Robert Young

UHH Robert… You do know Char is no longer with us. She passed last summer, I think.
Maybe you could send the coloring book to our Prime Minister. I have no doubt it would be a challenge for him.


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Yes, this past January. Very nice lady and glad to have met her.
Doug, how are things going, still living the dream?:smile:

Even more so Marcel. :golfing_man: Hope all is well with you and yours!

One could use Avery Labels and stick them on yourself.

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Honorary dedication.
Too bad you think too small.

Funny. I passed out ten printed pages today at my local dinner to accolades from the precipitants. Actually got one job referral.
Interesting how marketing works when done respectfully.

How about being respectful to other members?

I should be able to create a few more of these for members in the future. I just have to fit them around our logo orders.


I beg your pardon, Douglas. From how I read your post, and I suspect others did as well, and correct me if I am wrong. Those close friends, and few InterNACHI members close to Roy Cooke Senior do not post hypothetically about his family, or anyone’s family for that matter, out of respect. It is a members personally decision if they wish to share happy or sorry-full family events on the MB. Family anonymity is being mindful.

What I do know from speaking to Roy Cooke senior first hand some months back is that, Roy Cooke Senior is, as he puts it, “Fantastic!”, and doing well.
He said; I retired, I referring to him, Roy Cooke Senior, from the home inspection industry and stop posting on InterNACHI and look forward to every single day. Yep. That’s Roy!
Douglas. He’s The Best in my books! Big Time! Truly!

As to the second part of your post.
I am quite certain the Honorable Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau would truly be pleased if given any creation from Levi, when done respectfully. Meaning that; no malaise, ill intent or bias was applied.

Happy you are enjoying retirement.

Best regards.
Robert Young Junior.