Free download: "The Safe Home Book"

Did it thanks.
Can I put this on my website for clients to download?

All yours.

Can we still use this even if we arn’t CMI’s




Thank You!

Thanks Nick

Got it, thanks Nick

Thanks Nick!!

Can we alter or modify it?

InterNACHI members and CMIs can do what they want with it.

Thanks Nick

Nick, is it permissible for non-members to distribute unaltered, by them, versions of the Safe Home Book that we give them? For example, if I distribute my version of the book to people om Facebook, can they then give it to friends, clients, and family?

If you are an InterNACHI member or a CMI you can do whatever you want with it. If it helps your business… do it!

Same is true for all our inspection-related articles: All yours.

But the question is about non-members “distributing” what we share with them. I am assuming that as long as they do not alter it,ie: remove Nachi logo, etc., that it would be Okay to redistribute. Am I right?


I didn’t write it to read it to myself. It’s for you to use in any manner you can think of to promote YOU.


I downloaded The Safe Home book. My copy doesn’t allow me to alter it. I would like my company information on the cover. I noticed that some other inspectors have their information on the cover. How do I get my information on the cover?