We purchased the rights to a home inspection book for consumers.

We’re re-editing it now (InterNACHIin’ it up) and will re-release it next month. We’ll also release a free electronic version for member use.


This year, it seems we finally got all the right personnel in place at InterNACHI. We are really going to develop a ton of new programs, success tools and membership benefits in 2011.

Awesome Nick. Sounds great.

That’s more great news. Thanks Nick!

I can’t wait to see the book.

…but wait… theres more!

I like this tune!

Nick is a master salesman :slight_smile:

I like new stuff. Sounds fun. Makes me want to work for Nachi.

Product sells itself: www.nachi.org/benefits.htm

Bravo et merci Nick,

Les inspecteurs NACHI de Brossard, du Quebec et du Canada sont heureux de constater tout ce que vous accomplissez pour notre bien-être.

Continuez le bon travail,

BMA :slight_smile:

Good job and Thank you Nick,

Nachi Brossard, Quebec, Canada inspectors are grateful for all you accomplish to improve our environment.

Keep up the good work,

BMA :slight_smile:

I hope it concentrates on what they should be looking at when going with the realtor and viewing property. They need no education about what we do, the SOP explains that. They need to know how to differentiate the worst house on the street from the best and it should start before they get out of the R.E. agents car. Better yet it should contain a segment about getting permitting info from local county and city governments.


I give out the books when I remember, to first time buyers.

Anyway, I had 2 people (not one but 2) mention to me this last week, that an informational book like ours would be better served via electronic delivery as they didn’t want to contribute to a needless waste of paper.

People are getting “greener”