E&O Insurance

Does anyone have the E & O Insurance from Towers Perin offered at a discount through NACHI?
I am trying to find “affordable” insurance, as it is required by my state. After completing the form to get a total, it offers a link to buy at the given rate plus taxes and fees. My question is how much are the taxes and fees? A call to the number provided (If you have any questions concerning your Invoice or any other billing related inquiries, please feel free to contact DBS’s dedicated and professional Customer Service staff at (800) 828-2718 or you may reach them via their website at *www.directbillservices.com](http://www.nachi.org/forum/).)* was not able to answer any of my questions regarding this. They are strictly the billing dept and do not have the answers to questions.
I don’t want to make the purchase and get burned by the fees and taxes.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jimmy Levy
Scout Inspections

Hi Jimmy and welcome.

Check with Joseph Ferry:


…copying to both addresses is probably best.

IMPO…Towers, Perrin couldn’t beat the rates that I’m presently paying to FREA.

Email me your phone number. I’ll see that you get a quote and answer any questions that you have.


Here are a few other options http://www.home-inspect.com/insurance.asp

Is Towers Perin going to offer Occurance E&O?

Lexington Insurance company through Towers Perrin’s brokerage offers occurrance coverage in states that require it like Washington and Minnesota.


Thanks Joe, I’ll check them out, I’m currently carrying Occurance through Allen Insurance

I got a ridiculous quote from Lexington last year. I think it was upwards of 5 grand. Allen was the least expensive. I’m sure Joe will tell you it’s more of a hybrid occurance policy, in that it has 4 (?) years of tail coverage.

Jim, I got TowersPerrin Just a couple of months ago. It was very reasonable for a new inspector. I sent my money, but they were very slow to respond with the policy. I did though, receive a thirty day binder immediately.

Bill Singleton