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For those of you who use Home Gauge, I have an extra copy of Companion (Mobile version, $199 value) that I will give away to the 1st person who can correctly identify what’s wrong in the attached photo. Look closely as it is not a defect you would probably identify to your client. Happy Hunting! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Camaro is yellow. YUCK.

Is it the large amount of slack in the opener chain?

There isnt a Harley in the garage

Your getting close!

the camaro is not in my garage

The outlet

The fluorescence light fixture is butted up against the opener?

Unneeded hood scoop?

I am not too familiar with the design of the new Camaro but is that a crack under the mirror?

It does have something to do with a hood?

No Z 28 stripes?

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Nope, just the lighting.

I would adjust the heater so its blowing directly onto the hood.

There is a crappy chev taking up valuable garage space…Enough said…


Nope, something else taking up valuable CHEVY space on the walls…

Miller lite

Ford Hood