Free Inspection Business-Boosting Seminar with Nick Gromicko in Weston, FL, March 16.

Link not working for me. Any plans for a west coast presentation Nick?

Works fine for me.

Works fine this morning, any chance of a west coast ?

Works fine this morning, any chance of a west coast ?

If I’m invited, I go.

Hmm my back yard…Almost.

It and Tropical Acres :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll get to catch up with some friends from up north a bit. That would be fun.

Please come Mike.

You know me :slight_smile:

You ask I’m there.

Call or email me if you need any help or want me there early to help set up or whatever.

I’ll see everyone there.


I would like to see ALL inspectors from Florida at this event
James Gonte
Co - Founder of Inspector Brotherhood

They are running ads about this event in Times Square

Free dinner being catered by DelVecchio’s Italian Restaurant:

Penne ala Vodka
Baked Ziti
Ceasar Salad
Chicken Frachaise
Chicken Marsala
Garlic Rolls
Pepperoni Pizza
Cheese Pizza

Wine and beer as well. All free.

I wish I could be there.

340 miles is too far for me. About a 5 hour drive from High Springs.


Here is the crowd shot I saw you wanting :slight_smile:

Great event and great food. Thanks to all who helped put it together.

Nice photo Mike. Too bad I couldn’t be there.

Thanks, I saw Nick motioning to someone to take the shot. i think I had it posted to facebook by the time the person he was signaling got the message :slight_smile: