Free lunch to contest winner...what's wrong here?

Photo from today’s inspection. Laundry/equipment room of new home.

Restricted (blocked) attic access?

Unsupported PEX supply the WH?

Mark is the winner of a chicken fried steak lunch at Eddie’s Restaurant in lovely Hickory Grove, SC!

The photo doesn’t do justice to the fact that you practically have to climb over the water heater to access the attic. And once the laundry appliances are installed, you won’t even be able to put the ladder up do do that.

I didn’t say anything about the PEX, Mark. Fill me in on what the requirement is there?

Here’s another photo of the area. That’s a better angle. I don’t like all the bends and angle of the WH flue, it might be acceptable, barely. Is the tpr drain line connected or just hanging there kinda running uphill?

I kinda like all the extra joints in the PEX line. . . and what about the open vent (upper right of first photo) . . . what’s it for?

Combustion air.

They managed to use almost all the colors in PEX

I don’t know that there’s anything wrong with the PEX, I was more or less taking a guess. It’s pretty sturdy stuff. Not being able to see it very well, I though maybe it could use some support. It’s probably fine as it is.

As to the lunch, I’ll be happy to take you up on it the next time I’m in Hickory Grove;).