Trying to kill me

Dumb A** installed a electrical furnace in the attic but no excess except through the exterior gable hatch up in the nose bleed area above the window. I have no clue what their though pattern was.This attic furnace served the upstairs bedrooms, but the catch is there is a gas fired furnace installed within the upstairs hall closet a downflow traveling the supply air duct all the way to the crawl space serving the downstairs area??? and there was adequate space downstairs to install the furnace. I would enjoy observing a new HI trying to decipher this configuration it was a nightmare:shock:

820 E Central PC 2-6-12 068.jpg

820 E Central PC 2-6-12 066.jpg

820 E Central PC 2-6-12 070.jpg

Joy joy done in my heart!
Thanks for making my day Charley.LOL

Sure thing anytime, would ya have enjoyed me flying off that ladder extended out as far as it would go and then still to short for comfort

Then I would not be able to harass ya;-):wink:

No I would never want you to get hurt Charley or any inspector.
I think we can both agree that what brings joy to HI’s is seeing the stupid things people will do and not being able to laugh during the inspection, then posting it here on the MB.

Charley…How are Builder’s still getting away with not providing access to the Mech. Equip. for maintenance or repairs. I know I’m asking the obvious… but it has been awhile since I’ve been on site.

Betting that is a retro-fit. That house probably didn’t have HVAC to that area when built???
You are a better man than I Gunga Din! I’d have probably passe on that attic…and I have walked/crawled some weird ones.

Me thinks ya are correct this home prolly had just one unit and this was a add on. Yes for being 67 next month I still like to go where the eagles go;-):smiley:

Hi Greg how ya been, ya don’t hang around much anymore hope all is well.

There is excess ya just have to have wings to get there:D no city permits gets this results

Charlie, sure glad you are not a big boy and had that ladder crash through that window.
You taking dangerous chances my friend.
Glad you made it down alright. :slight_smile:

It was above the window a bit but I luv the adrenalin rush, keeps my blood flowing:D:D

Just wondered how in the world it got there? Sure doesn’t look like it would fit through that tiny access.


I have been reading these boards and have a lot of respect for you. But - going up into that area the way you did is lunacy. Prior to my accident two years ago, I probably would have been stupid enough to also try something like that. I has taken me two years to recover from a ladder fall (and I am still not 100%). No disrespect meant by my comment, but guys, don’t put your life at risk like that. It is not worth it. Take it form someone who knows.

blivet: 10 pounds of crap in a 2 pound sack
nice job of sealing, platform and wiring
good news is it wasn’t last summer ;~))

I am sure they used a bucket truck and if you turn a electric furnace side ways not very wide lucky to be 18 inches prolly had scaffolding set up