Pex pipe coiled up in attic roof rafters

Just looking for advise on the purpose of this type of installation. This has me puzzled.

Where did it go and what was it connected to or end up?

i want to know where & why there is May snow in the attic

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Larry, the PEX was a continuous loop that was ALL connected together, it started at the attic floor and ended at the attic floor into shut off valves. This was in a two story home and I could not locate where it terminated in the home, probably into a wall cavity. The water heater did have a recirc pump. Im thinking it has something to do with this. but not sure.


, rob

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That’s where they store their Christmas snow decorations. :upside_down_face: :thinking:

Maybe something to do with solar gain…:thinking:

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I think your right on with the solar gain. found this on the web…thx


What zone is this located? We are to assume this is domestic water running through the PEX possibly with the intention of being preheated in an non-insulated / non-heated attic space. Add to it, attic appears to be completely sealed off at the eaves with spray foam insulation and (based on the pictures presented) no visible signs of attic ventilation.

That’s water vapor spewing from the PEX that was punctured by a roofing/other nail/staple. :wink::wink:

I really could not think of any valid reason for an installation of that type nor any PEX manufacturer that would bless this particular installation scheme!

Did you call it and associated components out? If so what did you write?

I think solar gain