Free marketing opportunity for CMIs who are coming to the Vegas Convention.

I’ll have an enormous Certified Master Inspector backdrop at the Vegas Convention next week. I also have several generic, gold-plated CMI awards to choose from. CMIs can take photos of themselves being awarded their CMI in front of this backdrop and holding a gold CMI trophy/award (no you can’t take the trophies home, the are just props for the photo shoots).

So, bring a nice shirt and a camera. Find me and I’ll hand you the award and shake your hand in the photo if you want.

Then put this photo on your website. A picture is worth a thousand words and a photo of you being awarded your Certified Master Inspector professional designation says it all.

Good idea actually…but a trophy is kinda 1980’s…how about a glass plaque or something more professional looking? Just an idea.

Good idea Russell. I’ll bring several to choose from.

Here is what I’m bringing:

Can I sign up out in Vegas and still get my “award/picture” ?

Yes. See ya there.

Thanks nick…


Well I was heading for there but now I have to stay and take care of an ailing family member who suffered a triple thigh fracture requiring surgery…

Bummer. I’m coming up there soon to do a show.

Fun in Vegas:

Hey, that’s me!


Tim Spargo & Nick.

Looks good what a great advertising picture to have.
Glad for you now make use of it … All the best … Roy