All Certified Master Inspector certificates were mailed today.

I’m pleased to announce that all Certified Master Inspectors will be getting their certificates next week. They were mailed today.

Nick Gromicko
Master Inspector Certification Board

Thank you…Nick

Thanks, Nick!

Things you can do with a CMI Certificate. :mrgreen:

Looks like you have several CMI’s up your way, Joe. How in the world are you going to compete with them unless you’re one?? :wink: :smiley:

Come on Joe you don’t wont be classed as slightly unhelpful do you??

One of the requirements of CMI is to have 1,000 inspections or 1,000 continuing education hours (sum of the two) under your belt, and that isn’t anything to sneeze at.

I’m not saying that an inspector who doesn’t qualify is inferior, but any inspector that does qualify yet doesn’t seek the CMI so as to get put on where only 159 CMI’s are enjoying 300,000+ hits month… is not thinking too clearly.

If you want to make the claim that exploiting one’s advanced experience and educational background through the industry’s best sounding professional designation is nothing more than a marketing tool to justify raising one’s pricing… my response would be… SMART!

If anyone is screwing us all up by making a good living at home inspections, I say get the heck out. The only reason to operate your own business is to make a great living.

CMI is a financial reward for having accumulated a certain amount of experience and education… but you have to accept the reward.

I have completed 860 inspections in 3 years and look forward to reaching 1000. (Should be in late spring or early summer)

Once I achieve this goal you can be sure I will obtain a CMI.

Thanks Nick

What Nick said!

Its a Great marketing tool for me since i am the only CMI in Southern Colorado


Great response.
He sounds like a guy having a hard time dealing with success, or maybe he’s not dealing with success yet. I don’t know him.
I say don’t begrudge a body for trying to better Him/Herself, there Business or Industry, and bettering their livelihood at the same time.
I’m proud of my CMI designation and I wear like a badge everytime I can.
It’s the American way.

What about the people who haven’t completed 1000 but got in before the new requirements? It’s wrong don’t you think to advertise to the public that these people have done something they haven’t actually done.

Maybe CMI’s should have to disclose on the CMI website exactly what their qualifications are?

Maybe CMI’s should have to disclose on the CMI website exactly what their qualifications are?

Most of the CMI’s have there web site listed so the people can look at the qualifications. I list some of my qualifications on my site. I even posted my UGLY mug shot.

hmm…aw it does not matter…heck MANY people get professional designations prior to the STANDARDS being increased…and the state does not bother to worry…I would not think the consumers will care.

Lets face it…I heard some stories about what SOME Master Electricians are doing in some states…in the past few days and I wonder how on EARTH they got certified…crackerjack box I guess…BUT they have every right to sell themselves as Masters…and open a business…

So like it or not…I would not go into disclaimers and all that jazz…whats the point…should we also warn the consumers about the fact that Big Macs make you FAT…I should know…I know this fact but I eat them anyway…:slight_smile:

Don’t you CMI’s have your own secret area yet? That way all 11 of you could get together and chat.

lol…Ok FUNNY MAN…lol…you BASHER you…lol

Ok…fella…I am gonna FLY out to Arizona the DAY you give in and become a CMI…yes it will happen someday as resistance is futile…and when you do…I am gonna come out their and TEASE the living PooP out of ya…lol

Paul, I currently hold a CWI cert, and would not feel good about myself if I bought a CMI.:smiley:

lol…well…when you start feelin BETTER about yourself fella…and JOIN…I will have nick send it to me…and I will bring it to ya…theheheh

If we told you i wouldn’t be a secret.

LOL! :twisted: