Free meth test kits for InterNACHI members. Give it a try.

Free shipping too.

Way to go Nick just one more added benefit for InterNachi Inspectors.
I love that second Logo.:mrgreen:

Nice deal, Never inspected a meth lab, but I open for a new adventure…:shock:


You might think twice when you actually go see one.

Thanks will be calling, sadly there is a real need for it down this way.:neutral:

Check with your State Laws. I looked into testing about a year ago, but found you can be fined unless you’re certified by the state, and to be a tester you have to go through complete HazMat and Remediation courses and be certified through the state.

Talk about Conflict of Interest!

Since Sault Ste, Marie On is a boarder town, we have our own Investigators for this. However I do not think that it applies to this test, as this one is for when someone wants a test of the Home before purchasing.

Correct. Michael is referring to “clearing a home” which as home inspectors, we should not be doing.

It’s not like radon testing.

Finding meth once, means there is meth. Not finding it after 100 tests, doesn’t mean there is none.

Home inspectors can say a house has meth. Home inspectors cannot say a house has no meth.

Same as testing for Asbestos in Vermiculite insulation.


Do they come with a pipe and lighter?

yeah, I was gonna get some kits, and offer the test. Just make a few disclaimers, and be sure I have something that says the test nor the tester is State approved.

That is unnecessary.

The kit is free. To get the sample analyzed, it is $90. I’m not sure I can sell a meth test for $150. Ill give it a shot though.

Why would that be unnecessary? Just curious.


Because it is not necessary :slight_smile:

Why? if you perform a test in a state that requires licensing to perform that type of test, then Why would it not be necessary?


Why would you perform a test that requires licensing if you aren’t licensed?

I wouldn’t, but he stated he would and put a bunch of disclaimers in an agreement. I agree with you that wouldn’t hold water in any litigation, but if he is going to do it, it’s better than nothing (maybe…well not really LOL)…