Offer meth and other drug testing without a laboratory. Watch the episode now.

Nick, No info and where and how to buy the kit on this guy website. Just this::roll:

**QuickSrceen Pro 5 Multi-Drug Test Card **

Used for forensic and qualitative purposes to simultaneously screen and detect the presence of the five most abused drugs or drug metabolites in human urine and will show visually positive or negative results within 3-8 minutes. Marijuana, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines (including Ecstasy), and Opiate (morphine/codeine) screens are all inclusive in this one, easy to use test card. The size of a credit card, the QuickScreen Pro 5 was developed as a quick and discrete method of drug testing without the time and expense associated with laboratories and clinics. This test is recommended for an all inclusive scan when drug use is suspected but the specific target drug is unknown.


Good afternoon everyone… The web site for the drug detective kit is . Make sure to use the coupon for InterNACHI members for a 10% discount.

I will be monitoring the message board so if you have questions, fire away and I will try my best to keep up…

Does your product have any testing agency approvals for accuracy or use?

Your website comment implies your product has tacit DEA approval. Is that correct?

The Drug Detective kit is only 4 months old in the US. It is being evaluated by several US federal, state, and local agencies. As of yet I do not have a formal approval from DEA for in field use, however, the kits are being used in the field as part of the evaluation, and everything looks good. The testing we had done by an independent lab supported the claims that the kit can detect Meth down to 50 billions of a gram per ml. We are expecting US Homeland Security National Lab to publish its results by Sept 1. I hope that answers your question…

Kris, is the coupon code “InterNACHI” or “InterNACHI01” ?

The Coupon code is “InterNACHI01”…

OK Thanks. And what does the coupon code save InteNACHI members? 10%?

HI Nick. The coupon saves InterNACHI members 10%. Make sure they save this coupon code, as I will keep it active for the rest of the year.

What would be A fair price to charge for this service?

**The cost of the kit is 39.95 - 10% = $36.00 +S/H for InterNACHI members sounds great. **

**What will be an average charge to our clients for each test?? Any feedback??](*,) **

We feel you should charge your customers a minimum of $50.00 for your time and services, so a total charge of $90 -$120 would be reasonable. Larger houses should be more…

Kris, each kit is one test? How many test should be done to get a good representation of the drugs, if any?:roll:

You should charge enough to cover your liability if a false positive or a false negative results in a disgruntled Seller or Buyer. Or don’t offer this as an inspection ancillary service but rather a stand-alone, after the inspection service. Personally, I will wait for the “U.S. Homeland Security National Lab”…,whatever that is, to certify a kit like this before using it. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the idea of such a test kit but it better be as fool-proof as reasonably possible.

Hi John… The kit is going to detect any of the 6 narcotics with the test. I know the primary test is for Meth, however the rest are just as important. With each test kit, you can swab all the light switches, interior door handles, and a few random spots. The limiting factor to the test is the amount of buffer solution in each kit. The swab wets the surface you swab to release the traces of narcotics. If we swab to many times or to hard, we won’t have enough solution to test with… I have done a 1800 sq ft home with one kit. That is all I would suggest, use 2 for larger homes.

This test should be used only as a preliminary test… The test is extremely accurate. Our lab testing showed it nearly impossible to adulterate (hide the drugs) or trick it into a false positive. If you find a positive result, refer the client to an environmental engineer to review further.

The USHS Nat Lab is the lab that reviews technology for US Customs and Border Protection. The technology has been tested and proven by a lab, our government has it’s own rules and labs to certify technologies in review. It is just one of the many hoops to jump through to give our troops better equipment.

To give an example of how this technology works in the field… Our first test done for a law enforcement agency was with a local police station. We asked the K9 officer to handle the dog training toys (each one has a different drug to train the dog to smell them) that he had in his truck. After a few minutes he came back into the office. I asked for his license. I swabbed his license where his thumb print was. Off of the thumb print, I identified the 3 narcotics he had handled in less than 5 minutes, with the one kit. The officers in the meeting had never seen anything like it… In the home inspection, we are looking for the fingerprints that contain the traces of drugs.:cool:

Kris, excuse my skepticism but I find no reference to such a lab at the Homeland Security website nor the Customs & Border Protection website. Can you be more specific as to exactly which federal lab is analyzing your product please?

Of course it did :slight_smile:

It’s too late at that point…the ‘damage’ is done. I would think many Buyer’s would simply walk at hearing of a positive meth response.