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Just another membership benefit from Mountain Association.

A benefit designed to:

  • add value and
  • reduce your liability.

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Do you have a sample newsletter available to look over?

Each newsletter will be adapted from my home maintenance book.
The first newsletter issue will be from Chapter 2, home maintenance related to the site and environment surrounding the home.

Looks great, Ben.

Nice job.

Ben, can you explain how Mountain Association works… especially as to the credits earned?

It’s all about educating the inspector in reducing liability and resolving disputes.

We took the old Mountain Warranty Corp (for-prof) and re-vamped it and made Mountain Association (non-prof).

We took the spirit of a home warranty and made it into a membership benefit, a private agreement between Mountain and the inspector, to support the inspector where a complaint is unavoidable. We call it the 100-Day Inspection Coverage.

Then we added a ton more benefits, focused upon learning how to reduce liability and resolving disputes.

The more inspections you do (credits), the more support we provide (benefits).

Membership is free.
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We just added a membership benefit that adds value to your inspection, in addition to helping reduce liability. Free email newsletter for the clients of Mountain members.
If you follow Mountain on Twitter at, we’ll give you three 100-Day Inspection Coverages for free ($51 value)

First issue will look like this:

I don’t like the coupon at the bottom. I give a free book with the inspection, and your stated price diminishes the value of the book that I gave for free. I thought we resolved that issue a couple of months ago during another discussion. If you feel the coupon is necessary, as not all inspectors give the book for free, then change the wording and eliminate the sale pricing. I believe the value was agreed to be $29.95. How about something like “Contact your home inspector for your copy at a special price”. Then the inspector could determine how they wish to handle their clients need.