Free inspection warranty to the first 10 inspectors

I have 10 free 100-day inspection warranties to give out to the first 10 inspectors who contact me

*One warranty per inspector. *


Why use a warranty with your inspection?


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How to use:**
Sign into your account the night before the inspection.
Customize your client’s warranty with the inspection date, name, address, etc.
You’ll get the customized warranty in a pdf format. Print it out.

I recommend just giving it to your client at the end of the inspection, right in front of their agent. Agents love inspectors who give free stuff to their client (they love warranties and home maintenance books).

Hand the warranty over.
*"*This is free to you. It’s an inspection warranty. 100 days. Takes care of unexpected events, like roof leaks. If something goes wrong after you move in, give me a call, and we’ll contact the warranty company."

If your client (and agent) like the warranty and their reaction is great - you may have something good there for your business.

are these valid in canada

not yet
attorney familiar with over-the-border issues is working on it

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