Free, Plain English Home Inspection Agreement.

Easy to read Nick, I cannot spot any real big change to the agreement.


I live in the deep south .
I need one for southern rednecks.

Well done and 1 page. Wish other services could follow suit.

Nick, on the online agreement system.
I did not find it. Only the INachi Residential Agreement that is different.
Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place.

You can add any agreement you want to InterNACHI’s online agreement system:

I guess I’ll have to copy/paste/edit to create one.
I do like it & want to use it.
Especially my suggestion part of within 7 days of discovery/immediate access! :slight_smile:

I’ll see if Tim will put it in there as an option.


I just added it to the list of templates.

Thanks Marc and Tim.