New Agreement System!

Hi folks,

Check out our new, streamlined agreement system here:

All your old agreements are there, but they’ll be much easier to edit and work with now. Plus, you can add Radon or Thermal or any kind of agreement to the basic agreement and send it all out at once!


Wow, it is awesome!!!

Tim, I tried every which way to break it. Looks tight. Thanks again.

Wow, looks Great!

The InterNACHI on-line agreement system is great. I have a couple comments to offer on the latest update:

  1. Would it be possible to have the automatically generated agreement be made between our client and our company (by name), instead us (by name)?

Currently the email reads "A contract between you and ‘inspector name’ has been created online by InterNACHI’s agreement system. To view and sign it, go to: **]( I think it would be better if the agreement was with our company name, especially for those who are LLC.

  1. Also, when we choose to create a new agreement, would it be possible for the system to default to the last template we used or allow us to set a default?

  2. Was the feature to automatically insert the client address and inspection fee in the agreement removed in this update?

Thank you for taking the time to upgrade the agreement system, Tim. It is very clean and user friendly.

Jeff Tatlock
BEACHSIDE Home Inspection
Serving Brevard County FL. Areas include Cape Canaveral, Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Indian Harbour Beach, Indialantic, Melbourne Beach, Viera, Melbourne.

I tried it with my own email and got nothing.
Maybe I am doing it wrong.

just tried it and mine was there in like 10 sec!

Still needs work.

A. I would like to print off my agreements and save them in PDF form.

B. I understand I can use html to make my agreements look the way I want to. Why not set up something like word has so we don’t have to code?

Bob: If you can’t find your email, look in your spam folder.

Jeff: It is possible to select a default template. Go to “Edit my templates”, click on the checkbox next to the template you want for a default, and click “Save”. We did remove all the automatic variables - this will make template creation and editing far easier. You can just put them in yourself on the final page of creating an agreement.

Billy: You can download a program like PDFCreator ( to save to PDF. Adding Word-like formatting will probably be in a future upgrade to the new system.

Thanks Tim,I had mis-spelled my own address (yikes).
How do I print and save this type for future reference?

PDF RE-DIRECT works great for printing to PDF. I use it every day. It sets itself up as a printer driver. Click print as always, when the box pops up select pdf-redirect instead of your printer.

edit…oh yea …and its freeware !

Any chance of changing the “From” portion when someone receives an email. A lot of people may discard an email that says because they don’t know what it is. If the “from” line could say something like “Inspection Agreement” I’m sure that would help a lot of us out.

Good point Bobby.

Also, I did a test agreement. I sent it to my email, clicked the link in the email, retrieved and signed the agreement. Problem is I never received an email saying my ‘client’ had signed the agreement. So do we have to re-visit our agreement system to verify that it has been signed?

Is this form of ‘signing’ legally binding? I can see potential issues with this. Anyone with access to the clients email inbox can retrieve and sign the agreement. In a court of law, how do we prove that the person signing was in fact our client?

It would never happen. But if your client would ever make the wild claim that some thief broke into his email inbox for the weird purpose of signing and sending a home inspection agreement, and that this identity theft coincidentally occurred immediately after the client ordered an inspection from you… the court would never believe him anyway.

this is a great system! however I only take a wet signed IA form. Mail,email,fax, I do whatever it takes to have it signed and in my hands…just my 2 cents

Same issue here. I liked the notifications.

Check your junk mail box.

Not there.

My bad. We are adding that feature next. We were trying to reduce the number of emails back and forth to avoid being blocked as spam but more members like this feature than object to checking their spam box.

What does everyone think about having a claus in the new agreement or the next upgrade stating that at anytime the inspector can stop or cancel the inspection, and no charge to the client.