Free repair for some cameras with bad imager chip

Digital camera problems, several brands included, have free replacement of the bad CCD chip that causes dark or very poor display and pictures with thin streaks flashing through.

My “out of warranty Sony” is getting fixed for free including free shipping both ways. Just call your manuf. and get the return setup.

I found this on google groups while searching for info on this camera problem:


I had the same problem with my Canon camera recently. Mine also is out of warranty. I contacted Canon and they emailed me a UPS shipping label and I sent it off. I had it back in about a week working like new.

I encourage everyone to save this info somewhere in the event that their camera starts acting up. The camera companies will only make this repair to cameras that exhibit these symptoms. If you have one of those defective chips, it is only a matter of time.

Thanks for the update Bruce, I have a canon S60 will see if this applies. Neil what model canon Did you have? Is there a special number to call or just customer service?
Thanks guys.:smiley:

You are the man, my s60 ships out tomorrow for a free repair.