Camera Problem

Has anyone dealt with the camera problem I had today?

The low battery indicator on my Sony DSC-H2, in accordance to Murphy’s Law, conveniently kicked in after I was fortunate enough to squirm my way into a small crawlspace opening with water supply and natural gas lines to hurdle around. There was nobody on site to fetch me a fresh pair. I took only a few pictures and it was the last picture I needed that KO’d the batteries. But hey, I was lucky that I had all of the important pictures I need up until that point.

Anyways, something happened with the lens in between the battery dying and starting back up with new batteries. Everytime I start it up, the lens struggles to extend out and eventually the display reads “Turn the power off and back on again”. The camera allows me to extract items off the internal memory and I am able to manually draw the lens out and in with easy, so it sounds like an issue with the track mechanism. This leads me to wonder, is there a practical or inexpensive fix to this problem?

I took one (canon) apart that had dirt in the lens mechanism, it was mostly sealed up and no way to clean it, since it was bad anyway I shot some wd40 in there to see what would happen. It did not hurt or help it. I can still use it but it will not zoom in.

I had the same happen to me. I sent it back to the factory and they repaired it for free, You have to get a return # first before you send it.

With the cost of good cameras so low I carry a spare .
I just threw out one and bought another as this could happen again in another crawl.
Cookie Kodak 653 yesterday… $99:00

Did you send it in after the warranty expired? I register for the free 1 year warranty but happens to have been 13 months ago.:mrgreen:


When I was in Egypt, I dropped my camera in the desert. I picked it up and found that the lens wouldn’t retract back into the camera. I simply shut the camera off and manually assisted (pushed) the lens back into the camera with my fingers. It retracted without a problem. Then I tried shutting it down again and found that the lens was still stuck in the open position. I repeated the process one more time and it finally slid in on it’s own.

Good Luck.

This may not be related, but operating the camera beyond the battery alarm is not a good idea (I have done it several times because that crawl out is a pain!). It can damage the camera as well as some batteries.

If you use recharge batteries, keep an alkaline set in your pocket (coveralls) for going into those “bad places”. Recharge batteries die at a moments notice (that’s how they are designed). Some will also die if they have been hanging around for a while (thus alkaline is a better backup).

Now that you mention sand, the soil I was wiggling in was sandy. I have pushed the lens all the way in a few times before starting back up and each time it sticks where it originally was, which is about 2/3 out. I tried it a few times with it fully extended- the same result. I wonder if there is something wrong with the track calibration but your experience is encouraging, so I’ll tinker some more!

You are so right, David. I seem to learn these simple lessons with mobile homes. The one before, I found it is prudent to take my PDA out of my chest pocket before I enter the crawl. Man was I lucky I just happened to put my hand down on it when I was backtracking because it was at the bottom of a leaf litter pile far in the crawlspace!

You got that right!
I do a tool inventory every time I come out of a crawlspace. I have left may things behind, even from sealed Velcro pockets!

I have touted this camera several times before. The Pentax 33WR is a weather resistant self contained, slightly ruggedized camera. The lens mechanism is all internal so dust, water, grit will not mess up the lens apeture functions. I own three of them (one still in the box). It is very small, fitting into the palm of your hand. They were not available for a while but apparently Amazon has gotten their hands on some. They are not cheap, but are very tough. Ive dropped them a couple of times and it just keeps going with no visible sign of effect. Corners are hard rubber so it does not slide around. Here is a link if you are interested.

Well, I just went back and there is only one left but if you can find one it is a great camera for HI.

Found Pentax’s latest version of a waterproof camera.

I got past that recurring problem a year or so ago. No more retractable features.

I purchased an Olympus Stylus 720 sw - small, waterproof and shockproof. The only moving part is the lens cover.

Does that have a fair wide angle to it, I do like the water proof feature. I love Olympus, still using a D-380 circa 2000, just like timex, takes a lickin and keeps on tickin.
Does it still come with camedia?

The capture size is pretty standard as far as these cameras go. The waterproof feature allows me to take better pictures of pool cracks and other defects. Taking pictures through the surface of the water left much to be desired. Ripples and glare were always problematic.

The software is Olympus Master.

Same here, I use this camera, a Pentax Optio. It’s been wet and dropped several times and keeps on chugging along. I like the size of it, I can keep it in my pocket all day.

Same camera I use, I always have 2 sets of rechargeable batteries in my pocket (left pocket good batteries, dead batteries :wink: )I feel this camera is too good to use on inspections, great pics, but too many functions for what an Inspector needs. I haven’t had the problem you described yet but I am looking into other camera options for inspections.

good luck

Try putting your camera in a baggie before going into the nasty places.

My solution was to buy another camera. No replacement because the warranty was expired. Cheapest repair quote was $177. The DSC-H7 has 2.1 extra megapixels, 3X extra optical zoom, better autofocus performance and a better battery. Bought it and a spare battery for the same price I paid for the inferior one it replaced!

I finally bought a second and an extended warranty after killing my third camera.