Flir Junk!

I’ve read that some of you guys have problems with your Flir cameras as well. My E40BX has been nothing but a complete piece since I got it. I keep getting a bunch of BS from Flir about it and when I send it back they just return it and say nothing is wrong with it.

The camera freezes up all the time. It will either just lock up with what your looking at or it will sometimes go into a black and white checker board. It froze up 6 times at one house yesterday. I either have to restart it or completely pull the battery out. I almost just smashed it to pieces the other day I’m so frustrated with it.

I also can not get it to connect to anything wifi or bluetooth, so using the app is completely worthless.

Are any of you up for a petition to send to Flir? I’m to the point that I might get my attorney involved if they don’t:
-Fix it
-Give me a new updated camera
-Or give me my $4000 back

I had a Fluke before this and never had a single issue.

Slam them on twitter. For some reason that gets the attention of big companies.

I have had my FLIR for 4 years.


Sorry to hear they have lousy customer service.

Did you purchase from a dealer? If so, get them to help you out.

My E30 has never acted up in 2 years, but it sounds like your’s has faulty hardware.


I have had my FLIR E50bx for a little over 3 years. I was having a couple of issues in the beginning - like the camera would take an image but would not actually save it on the memory card. There was another issue with the power. I would turn the power off, the display would go blank but the power light will stay on.

I called their technical department. The guy there was very knowledgeable and he remotely upgraded my firmware and I never had an issue since then.

Do you know if you have the updated firmware?

Slam it against a wall a few times. That usually works.

I just talked to a tech about it and we figured out a few things. I have the latest firmware. He said that apple did an update that messed up some of the cameras through the app system. I’ll have to work on the camera later when I get a chance and I’ll post what works or doesn’t.

Linas that’s usaully how I like to deal with technology. Caveman style!

So sorry to hear that.
Please do not get frustrated and damage it.
You work hard for you money and your clients.
RMA the camera.

I have (3) Flir cameras…all work flawlessly. Must be a just a “fluke”.:stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: hee hee.

No, actually it would have to be a Fluke for Flir to get it right!:stuck_out_tongue:

Flir said to delete everything from the card, which I did. The camera seemed better for a while but has been acting up even though I’m cleaning out the card lately. It froze up 5 times today at a house while I was trying to adjust parameters. I had my psychrometer stolen last week from a job site and upgraded to the MR77 thinking it would be awesome to have all my readings sent to the camera. Well of course THAT DONT WORK NEITHER! After talking to Flir today I found out that my E40bx wont work with the newer meterlinked equipment Flir is making, they changed the bluetooth. Of course they don’t state this anywhere, you have to buy the thing and then question why it won’t work. So now I’ve got to try to return this new meter. They said “Oh yeah that won’t work with older cameras, you have to buy a new camera; have a good day” and hung up on me. I’m pretty put out with Flir right now. I’d like to get rid of all their equipment I have but who do I go to, seems they almost have a monopoly on the more advanced equipment.

Mine is sketchy when its been in my cold truck. Once it warms up a bit, I have no more problems. its a FLIR E60bx

I don’t have problems with my camera itself. Although, as Robert says, it does need to warm up before it works optimally.

I will agree though, FLIR customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

Mines just started playing up after 4 years. Won’t capture images. Locks up, won’t shut-off. I have to pull the battery to get it to close-down/boot.

Spoke to Trish Peden at Safety-Express in Mississauga and she said she will loan me an E50 while she gets mine seen to. Now that’s customer service and why I deal with Safety-Express for all my PPE and specialist equipment needs.

Nice, Len! Be sure to keep us updated throughout the process. Superior Vendors deserve kudos if they’ve earned them.

I’ve noticed any time mine screws up, it’s an issue with the battery.
A new battery seems to solve everything.

It seems the batteries themselves are pretty lousy. I’ve gone through 5 in one year.

Thankfully, the original batteries have a 2 year warranty.

Do not let your batteries fully discharge.
When it says “low batt” stop using it.
Do not leave a low battery in the camera for extended time. It will kill it.

There is a chip set in the battery and if it dies it may not come back or charge.

3 Flukes … Never yet had issue.

We got 2 Flirs AND both started screwing up within 2 weeks of buying them.

Would no save pics; kept telling us NO memory car in camera (there was); got the gray & white checkerboard MULTIPLE times; on & on; etc.

They worked with them 2 - 3 times then sent out new cameras.

We like the size, weight, clarity BUT they’re not Flukes.