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Topics Include:

• Discussion of the changing needs of IAQ professionals and clients
• Limitations of mold and asbestos testing in a complicated world
• The need for more advanced techniques in a variety of situations
• Identification of Dust - Understanding what it can show you
• Introduction to analysis methods (Full PLM, SEM, TEM, EDS, IR)
• How to combine techniques to give you a comprehensive view of a site
• How the right testing can help you generate answers, not just data for your clients
• Sampling “How-to” Guide/Recommendations
• Selecting sampling methods to get the most from your testing
• How to work with a lab to maximize the value of your analysis


Thanks Joe.

Your Welcome David! Are you aware of our Vancouver lab?

Yes, actually 15 mins from my place. I know it does Asbestos but I was hoping it would do many of the other home owner services like mold, radon, allergens. I’ll visit them in the next few weeks.

I think they are offering the Mold Spore Trap analysis now.:mrgreen: