Free Website Design for InterNACHI® Inspectors - Exclusive Offer by

Free Website Design for InterNACHI® Inspectors - Exclusive Offer by

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I can do this for FREE directly on Weebly!
Why should I pay you??

All EDIT’s are through Weebly directly…

Where is your PRIVACY POLICY published at??


You can build your own Weebly site for $6 a month. Domain may be $20 a year and you have 100% control over everything.


As others have said you can build your own, but if you don’t have that Talent you may have to have someone else do it for you. But $50 a month hosting is insane in today’s market.


@jjonas @mwilles ask the most important question for inspection business owners. It is essentially: “Why should I hire you instead of doing it myself?” Good question. “Should I do it myself and save some cash, or should I hire someone to do it for me?”

I hear that home buyers are asking the same types of questions, “Why should I hire a home inspector when I can “just look around” myself?”

Good questions. The answer is the lack of websites on Find Certified Home Inspectors Near You - InterNACHI®. Too many inspectors don’t have websites, even though the hosting fee is cheaper elsewhere, it’s only $6 a month at Weebly, and there are many website designers out there.

On FastSite4U’s FAQ page, there are links to InterNACHI’s Ben Gromicko teaching how to build your own website for free. But I believe one key to success is delegation. And there’s also a link to Nick Gromicko’s advice about hiring in order to grow your business.


And offers such as this will NEVER correct that “problem”. From my experiences conversing with these inspectors, most of them will NEVER go the way of a website. It doesn’t fit their plan for what they want out of their businesses. Most without a website are either part-timers with zero plans of doing more, and/or retirees just staying busy or working for beer money.

Yes anyone can make a website on Weebly. But the problem is that what you DON’T KNOW will really hurt you in the digital marketing/SEO space. If you don’t understand how a website is properly optimised to get love from google, how to get traffic, how to design for conversion optimisation of your traffic, then you ultimately lose out. Furthermore, you could make serious screw ups that you may not even be aware of that result in being penalized by the likes of Google.

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“At least”?? You mean there’s better than ‘page one’?

I’m not validating or promoting this deal as I don’t know who is doing the work and it is also true that you should be careful about who you hire. I’m just stating that DIY web design carries it’s own risks in the form of opportunity costs if you don’t know what you are doing. The same is true of paying too much for bad web designers and digital marketers.

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Page 1 is page 1. There is no Page 0.1 that I am aware of.

I understand hiring someone for a web design however your very basic site appears to be built from a Weebly temple. They are extremely easy to build for a home inspector willing to take an afternoon to learn.

The $50 for “hosting” is a rip off. is $3.75 per month and Weebly is $6 per month. $50 vs. $9.75 for literally doing nothing is just stupid expensive.

Best of luck with you endeavor “helping” new home inspectors. I don’t know how successful you’ll be at the $50 price point but I’ll bet $25 a month will have new home inspectors knocking your door down.


I disagree, @mwilles.

FastSite4U’s team of website developers is included in the fee. The team will edit and update the website at anytime. That’s included.

If you need a free website design, FastSite4U is offering free website designs to only InterNACHI® inspectors at Exclusive website design offer to InterNACHI® certified home inspectors by FastSite4U. - Fast Site 4 U.

I’m not sure what the team of website developers contributed to your website. I’d ask for a refund! It is very much a plain Weebly template. If somebody is going to pay $600 a year I would expect results better than the website you shared. For that kind of money I would really want the website to wow me. i’m just not getting that from your website. Just my opinion. I can’t imagine what kind of editing a home inspector would be doing over the course of his career to justify paying somebody $600 a year.

Weebly’s templates are extremely easy to set up and use. They are very intuitive. Once a home inspector sets up his own website he has the knowledge and the experience to go in and make any edits he desires. One can learn how to edit a Weebly template in less than an hour it’s extremely simple to use.

Like I said best of luck with your endeavor.


I’m doing a webinar on website design for home inspection businesses in several days at "How to Design a Website for a Home Inspection Company" - Free Home Inspector Webinar - InterNACHI®

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No problem @mwilles. I understand what you’re saying, and thanks for the “best of luck” wishes.

I took a quick glance at, and there’s a few things that you may want to edit, including the misspelled “labratory” on your homepage.

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Thank you for your criticism I appreciate your help🙂

Now I can go ahead and edit that myself without spending $600 a year to have somebody do it for me🙂

Nobody’s perfect, I’m sure there’s other issues. It’s just like InterNACHI’s training there’s always issues with the training curriculum.


Agreed. FastSite4U clients can:

  • get a free website built,
  • download the entire website design, then
  • cancel.

The downloaded design can be used to build a new website on another platform, by another company, or by themselves in a new Weebly account at a cheaper monthly price. It’s all included.

That is worth the $350 For somebody that isn’t tech savvy.

No more free websites available. But FASTSITE4U does have a limited number of $100 discounts for the website design with a 50% discount off the monthly fee. Details at Exclusive website design offer to InterNACHI® certified home inspectors by FastSite4U. - Fast Site 4 U.

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Now we shall see :sunglasses: