Free Website Design for InterNACHI® Inspectors - Exclusive Offer by

Agreed. But it’s not about the price of the home inspection, it’s the value.

I think FastSite4U provides great value in comparison with the price, which includes access to our website design team who can edit and update clients’ websites at any time they want. Hosting is included in the monthly fee. FastSite4U clients also have full admin access to work on their our own websites if they’d like. That’s all included.

I took a quick look at on my mobile device. It’s important to consider how Google search rules affect a website’s mobile-responsiveness. It’s very important for a website to be responsive and dynamic. Responsive content increases conversions by allowing the website visitor to “see” every word and have an “easy-to-use” experience with the website. Every website should look great on all devices, including mobile ones. Small text, small links, small buttons, and small images severely reduce conversion rates.

We serve only InterNACHI® inspectors.

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We have restructured our pricing on Websites for InterNACHI® inspectors now start at $279 and $12 per month.
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And we’ll do one free website design for the first InterNACHI® member who contacts me at We build websites for only InterNACHI® members.