Free Window Egress Graphics

Here are free egress window related graphics:


Nice Randy!

Thanks, Randy.

Very nice Randy. I saved that one, Lot of new inspectors need that one. LOL

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I’ve been saving a lot of Randy’s graphics!

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They make for good educational pic references.

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For sure! :slight_smile:

Thanks Randy. This is an important one as I had to write up bedrooms on the first floor in two houses last week that had these small ceiling level windows.

As usual Randy, nice graphic. Simple and easy to understand. Thanks for sharing this.

If you don’t mind Randy, what program are you using to create these graphics? Thanks

Start with FreeCad to get some 3D drawing skills, then search for some free 3D rendering software.

If you want to jump in with both feet the cheapest 3D software with a built-in render IMO is Autodesk Fusion360 $495/year. Plenty of online tutorials.

Thank you for the info Randy!

Thanks, Randy.

An alternative to drawing programs which can be hard to master is to simply take an Inspection photo and annotate it in Power Point. Save as a jpg.

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