Freestanding Bathtub Connection

This freestanding bathtub appeared to drain into a floor drain. I took the best picture I could given the location behind the tub and close to the wall. It appeared the annular space between the drain line and floor drain was sealed at the base of the floor drain, but when I emptied the tub, the floor drain filled with water close to floor level. First question: Does this look like a floor drain? Second question: If this is a floor drain, is this an acceptable installation?

Looks like a toilet flange, probably not a good install if you can actually see the water.

It is not an acceptable installation of the tub drain, no matter what it is, Gene.


And assuming it is a toilet flange, it does not have a trap as the toilet itself contains the (S) trap!

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It’s impossible to assume what it’s dumping into without seeing it visually. All I see is a tub drain going into a plastic fitting via air break. What’s under the fitting (trap no trap) can only be a guess at best. The fitting does not look like a toilet flange, there is no slot for closet bolts. It may be a floor sink or floor drain. The connection to the fitting is incorrect and should be repaired by a licensed plumbing contractor.

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Good point Jeffrey.

Regardless, what is visible is covered in grout and the tub blocks the rest. Not to mention, There’s no P trap visible. I have seen flange kits with oval holes rather than slots also. There’s really no way of telling what is going on there.

We can assume what the fitting is it makes no difference. It’s a tub drain using an air break as a drain method. Not legal in any jurisdiction.

If it was dumping unto a toilet flange as you may assume, the OP would have mentioned something about the awful sewer gas that would have filled the room.:thinking:

Plumber knows a thing or two.:joy:

Seriously, how could that ever be acceptable?
Sorry to be blunt, but I see too many inspectors hesitate to call out cringe worthy, wonky, half-baked installs far too often.

It would appear that the general consensus is: Call it out, It’s NOT right…

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Looking at the picture on my phone, only a portion of it is visible. Now that I’m on the PC I can see the whole thing. Kinda diggin my new 27" monitor. LOL. It’s definitely a fubar setup no matter how you look at it…


Can see metal edge in your photo.

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No it’s a toilet flange I’ve seen them without bolt slots LOL.
Good work Fudge it looked like a floor drain of floor sink fitting to me too. Guess what’s under a floor drain or floor sink…a p-trap. That explains the OP not mentioning sewer gas. It’s still a illegal install.

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Yes, wrong is wrong! :slight_smile:

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