Standing Water under tub

2013 built home with walkout basement on septic system, observed standing water under tub in basement bathroom, rear wall was open and could see drain lines, flood tested drain lines and could not see any leaks from supply lines or drain lines, also observed drain tile in background of picture that has been modified/ cut out section where it terminates. we have had lots of rain for April around here, So my questions are does this setup look normal for newer construction? what is the drain tile doing? is this ground water coming up? Having standing water in the middle of your basement living area is not good, lucky other side of wall was not finished “yet”.

I would like all of your thoughts on this setup. Thank you

Looks like they cut the drain pipe to accommodate the trap. That’s going to allow the water to collect in the crawl area.

Also, I don’t think I’d put a slip joint connector under there where it’s not accessible.