French drain tied into main drain

Is there a code ref prohibiting a french drain from being tied into the homes drain lines? I am sure there has to be but would like to read it for hte exact wording?

The home inspected last night had a slow drain from the upstairs bathrooms. There were 3 tubs upstairs and I filled them all to capacity to check the overflow drain connections. Well, come to find out the home main drain line was clogged in some way. Next thing I find outside is the french drain from the backyard pool patio area is draining water out to the front yard street. There is no rain and the pool area is completely dry. Am I accurate in assuming the h/o had tied the french drain into the homes drain lines in some way?

**701.2 Sewer required.

Every building in which plumbing fixtures
are installed and all premises having drainage piping shall
be connected to a public sewer, where available, or an approved
private sewage disposal system in accordance with the International
Private Sewage Disposal Code.

Are you sure the french drain was not just draining ground water? I mean was it dry at the road when you arrived, and after draining the tubs you all of a sudden have water flowing?

Even if that is the case, you cannot be certain unless you could actually see a connection, I personally wouldn’t say for sure it was connected, but from what you said, I might say there is a slight possibility it could be.

A video scan would confirm.

No there was not any ground water to drain. The only water would have been a little water from testing out the sprinkler but that was a couple of hours earlier and not nearly the volume that flowed from the french drain.

Yes, about the same time I was inside draining the tubs the buyer came in and asked why there was water draining out of the french drain. The french drain catch basins were completely dry at the back patio which I immediately went out and checked.

:weird: :weird: :weird: :weird:

Well sounds like you made a good catch Richard…:smiley:

Assuming is tricky, you definelty have more than enoughh to reccomend a plumber to come out and correct the slow drains and investigate the suspect french drain.

Storm water run off and drain tile systems are not allowed to drain into the sanitary sewer in my area. You may want to check with the local waste water treatment authority in the areas you service to determine any local code requirments.

In anycase it was a good catch. I generally don’t fill tubs to the overflow point. I do try to observe the overflow plumbing if it is accessible.
What are others doing for thie issue?

Started filling tubs to overflow after Katrina and Rita. Rita was closer to home (at one point the hurricane forecasters predicted it would hit landfall between the K and A of Katy, TX on the maps). Some folks decided to ride it out. When riding it out alot of h/o’s filled their tubs up only to find out :shock: …well you know the rest of the story. Thats why I check overflows. Especially on second floors.