It's all about drain tiles, weeping tiles, good drainage,keep water away, french drain huh?

homeowner paid as much money for this shallow french drain as the waterproofing cost, one fixed the actual problems, the other obviously did not, ya folla?

just starting to hand dig… frenchiiiiie drain, isn’t it cute? NICE sock too!

and… lol

and here were the actual, existing problems = why and where water was allowed to enter basement n what needed to be honestly identified and fixed. GRADE is sloped away plus underground tree roots helping to soak, drink up some of the water/rain and the weak, incompetent french drain… all those didn’t stop the water from entering but go’head you keep trying lolool

and yes, homeowner wants remaining rod holes checked and repaired… from inside, finished basement/drywall, carpeting etc

had they opted for an interior basement drainage system, it would NOT have ‘stopped’ water from entering the openings ya see… nope, they would have allowed the water to continue to come in and try n direct it to a sump pump. If you don’t stop water you will not stop/prevent mold plus the INT system would have cost them MORE $, that’s right, more money = stupid. Night-night.

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BOY, let your mAdNeSs be the clue, madness madness madness madness

Keep up the good information, Mark.

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