Fresh Thoughts on becoming a HUD 203K Consultant

Based on this forum, there has not been a lot of talk about 203K lately. So since I’ll be attending my first InterNACHI convention and I’m going to be one of the presentors discussing 203K issues, I would like to hear from you about what do you think of the program today? During these tough time in getting HI jobs, this program could have been a bridge to keep the lights on until the economy gets better for us HI.

This is NOT a discussion about a system, software or an instructor but an honest discussion of your thoughts on the product.

203k work is recession proof.

It really depends on the area you are in. Also, if you have licensed contractors in your area that are willing to do work under a 203k. I still have my 203k Cert., but do not do any. For me, I’m in a market with homes that just do not fit into the 203k program and we do not have contractors that want to participate in the program. I was always the bad guy! It might be different in your area.

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All I’ve ever heard about it is at conferences. In 23+ years running a decent sized company I never once received a request or heard a need from an agent, potential client, etc. I suppose there’s work out there but I don’t think any HIs are going to get rich.

I wanted to say “Thank you” for all of your responses. One more question to the group. Would you consider pursuing this as a value added service for your business?

Just curious.

Around here, Walter, no.

I have my cert, but as others said, I don’t do much with it. There is typically a lot of drama involved and the money is usually not worth it compared to inspections. Most people do not know what 203k is (in my area), so it’s not even much on bragging rights…just my 2 cents.

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