Fridgidaire date

I’m having a tough time today with dates—

Any idea???

Frigidaire compressor - FS3BD-048K (Ser# FSAO-10610283).

typically the “1” at the beginning of the serial number would be the “year”------could be 81, 91, 2001 (does it “look” like one of those years?)


It “looks” like an '81 but most of the house was remodeled in '89. It’s definitely an older unit. Thanks.


I couldn’t resist.

“I’m having a tough time today with dates—”
I had the same problem until I got married, then I found a new problem, staying married to the same woman.

Preston’s Guide is the way to go if you’re dating equipment. you may catch one on amazon, ebay or one of the other auctions for a lot less.

Timing is everything.

A number of inspectors on the other BB have the guide and offer timely answers.

Thanks Barry LOL—

I have the Preston’s Guide, the Technical Guide (a better source) and a ton of info I’ve collected over the years but couldn’t find anything.

Are ya sure it’s not an older system with a more recent replacement condenser (the remodel age is about a typ avg condenser life), as that seems to be much newer model/serial number coding. Might explain why Preston’s/TRG doesn’t list it. Just a WAG!

And you can always call Frigidaire if you are still drawing a blank.


Prestons list a S3BD-048K split system compressor for 1999 and 2000, if that helps



Hey Rob-

Yeah, it’s definitely a newer compressor on an old system.


I’m gonna go with that estimated age 6 or 7 years old. It seems about right.

Thanks Guys!!

Frigidaire/Nordyne confirmed some info I had about their equipment which is that the S/N has a format of AAANNNNNNNNN where the first three characters are letters indicating the product/plant, and the next four are numbers indicating the year and then month of production.

So that unit was produced in June of 2001 (xxx0106xxxxx … year 01, month 06)

The thing that got me was the dash, but apparently that doesn’t make any difference … strange place to put a dash in the S/N.