How old is this frigidaire furnace?

Can someone tell me how old this frigidaire funace is?

Model: FG6RAO72C-12A
Serial: FGA03041628

I think it is 2004, but wanted to check.


Actually it’s April 2003, but March 2004 is an acceptable error for this one.

Where do you guys find this information (I see the 0304 in the code, but is there more to it)? Is there a place where you can look up the codes? If I could find information on them I could put them together and write a little script to decipher the codes. I just need to know what the forumulas are.

With me it started about 30 years ago when I was installing HVAC equipment in the Coastal Bend area of South Texas. It’s been ongoing. I combine my own knowledge and research with the Technical Reference Guide and Preston’s Guide, although a former employee took my Preston’s Guide to Denver with him and has not seen fit to return it yet. I suspect I’ll never see it again, and I have not bothered to replace it yet since it was the least useful to me of the three that I use.

I wish it was as easy as writing a “little script to decipher the codes,” but, alas, it’s not. :frowning:

Wow, you definitely have a lot of experience! It sounds like I’ll need to work on a way to download the info from your brain before this would work! I guess it only will work in the Matrix.

So the preston’s guide goes over most of the models then?

Preston’s was good for looking up dates by model number. Unfortunately, it could get confusing, kind of like saying that I have a Ford Mustang. That’s a car model, but it’s been built from 1964½ to the present, perhaps excluding the Mustang II years, of course. :mrgreen:

So to get a model number by Carrier and find that it was manufactured between 1977 and 1992 might not provide us with relevant information. That’s why one needs the serial numbers; except for the very, very old serial numbers, they tell us the date of manufacture, sometimes down to the week. And even the very, very old serial numbers might tell us that, but there’s no one left to tell us how the numbers were coded.

Thanks for the info. I think I’ll order one of the guides and check it out.