Fried snake in service panel

What a mess! In the crawl space, I saw this snake’s mate. And outside the house, at the pond 30 feet from the house, I saw its 7’ mother.

(P.S. Anyone know the brand of servce panel? No label was provided.)

The vertical bars that the breaker snaps onto looks like a photo of a Zinsco panel. ?

That’s what I thought too. Wanted a confirmation. Thanks.

Zinsco splattered with snake–good reason for replacement.

Definitely a Zinsco. It was junk before the snake ruined it.

Thanks for the link David. Very good.

I had one of those but mine was still alive. It had gone in to the panel in the fall while the summer camp and it’s power were shut down. Having eaten all of the mice that had taken up housekeeping in the panel cabinet it became too large to escape through the 1/2" knockout through which it, and the mice, had entered. Since there was no power applied to that particular panel the snake simply hibernated in the panel for the winter. When I opened the panel cover for the pre season check out I undid the last screw, pulled the cover off, turned and placed it down, and turned back to find the slowly awakening snake looking back at me with it’s tongue gong in and out to taste the air for pray. I’m going to go ahead and admit that before I realized it was red and black rather then red and yellow I leaped back and ran. I then removed it with a hot stick and stuck it up in the camp kitchens attic to eat mice and squirrels to it’s fill.

Tom Horne

I love it. I’m with Tom… run away until proven otherwise!

BTW… would a snake be considered a GEC or ungrounded conductor? I guess it depends on the presence of fangs or not.


David has always been A ROCK when it comes to info on this MB. :smiley:

Ask him about THE FLOOD! I imagine he is still dealing with that… He has pics that you will not believe…

lol…atleast you came back. I would have sent the “helper” to finish that one. I don’t care too much for ANY snake regardless of the colors.