From Where I Can Get Gifts For Valentine's day

I just want To say Hii To everyone As We All Know That Valentine’s Day Is about to come And I am finding the Best Gift For Giving My Betterhalf Could Anyone Can advise me From where I can get the Best Gifts For valentines’ day.

I recommend the Mercedes dealership.


That is a Christmas gift. You have to go to Zales & get that heart collection thing for a Valentines gift.

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You can always ask Brandon :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m just going by the commercials.
We have kids in daycare. No can afford Mercedes or diamonds at this house. Our normal gifts currently are homemade cards with crayon scribbles all over it.


Brandon that’s what my kids always did for me for gifts, they drew their own cards with crayons. Now they are adults and of course I kept everything. They enjoy looking back at the letters to Santa and the beautiful cards they drew.