Front Page Format

Not a big fan of Spectora changing the format on the front page. Calendar is way too big and the the boxes at the bottom as well. I was told per IM there is no way to change it back to the other format. There use to be a way, but now made it permanent. She indicated she would send feedback to the team. Only my opinion, I liked the smaller view.

Add my opinion to your’s Paul, don’t like it at all. If anyone from Spectora is listening…

Agree! I was quite surprised to just have it all changed one day out of the blue… Dont care for it.

I discussed it with Andrea today when I first logged in to schedule an inspection. Once you get off the Dashboard and into the scheduled inspection, it’s fine. I would hope they can just re-insert the option they had before. I believe it was being tested and you could revert back to the smaller screen items if you wanted.