Inspection Software Changes

I am looking into some easy-to-use, software for a tablet. I have already created the report outline that suits me on Windows Publisher. I don’t know if there could be a type of software that I can open and transfer said outline to and begin editing as I go.

Any suggestions?

Or are there other programs that allow you to apply logos and personalize your reports?

I’m just starting up and it took me months to decide on my report system. It all came down to buy or lease. Lease wins when it comes to fire and forget. Almost all software people are using now will be useless in about 3 years. Spectora is an “all in one” with a monthly fee no large storage downloads taking up space, no upgrades which cost you time and money because they do it for you. And everything is automatically backed up. and yes personalized reports but I haven’t used that yet, just finished my website and logo. It’s the price of a cell phone bill without the cost of the phone. Hope that helps. but seriously lease all software there’s a new tech shift that’s happening.

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No they wouldn’t.
Get HIP is is the easiest to use and makes great looking reports.

All of the them allow that.

Spend your time building your business, not designing software. There are many fantastic programs to choose from that deliver great reports.

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It’s actually referred to as “subscription-based” and not a lease. A lease would imply that you’re committed to a minimum time-frame.

My app ( is cutting edge and will certainly not be “useless in three years.” Easy to set up, easy to use, includes importer tools for several different competitor templates and is half the price of the more popular subscription based apps.

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If I weren’t retired, I would be looking at Jeff’s software:


Yes they will. Even HIP states that you have to purchase upgrades and monthly subscriptions costs after purchase. Every 2-3 years you will have to pay for upgrades. One thing that I know is changes in technology thanks to my friends who work in both Mac and PC companies, as well as, the government. I learned basic language when I was 5 in 1977 because my father was in the Air Force working on all tech and programing for them. I got to play with tech in the 80’s that you wouldn’t believe even today. If you know something that I don’t, please share. If you purchase software it is already obsolete. I spent over 6 months trying out numerous inspection software and they are all basically the same. However, Spectora takes all of the BS out of the equation. One monthly charge and that’s it. I pay $100 a month and they take care of everything else for upgrades automatically. No additional charges except for adding other inspectors.
If I’m wrong, I will admit it and thank you for correcting me. The question for what software to get is asked constantly and there is no real answer. Yet even in InterNACHI forums , no one can agree. It would be nice if there was one or two we all could agree on. Or at least have a categorized system for inspectors: 1. Starting out 2. Part time 3. Full time 4. Companies with more than one inspector.
I’m really not here to argue, everyone finds what works for them and that’s what matters. I just think everyone in InterNatchi should get together and make this question obsolete.
Thanks for the feed back.

You don’t know what you are talking about…Nope!
You don’t have to buy upgrades…

So, grab a calculator and compare total costs (if cost is your driving factor).
$1200.00/year adds up fast, if you’re in this for any length of time, FWIW.

Only if you purchased the WRONG software. That’s like saying iOS is obsolete or Android is obsolete.

The software, interface and language used for InspectorNexus has been developed by Face Book, which is built for evolution and continued growth/expansion in new tech. All our servers are on Amazon, so unless Amazon is down, you’ll never have a server issue with InspectorNexus.

Ours is less than $600 per year. If you’re a new inspector, you can pay per report for less than $5 each.

HIP - $649
HIP w/Mobile - $799
Cloud (for Mobile) - $20 per month

After you initial purchase, HIP is only $240 per year if you use mobile with cloud service and about every 2 years $249 for an upgrade if you choose.

Much cheaper than $1200 per year.


I do like the inspectornexus. I don’t know how I missed that one. I have a question then, I thought InterNACHI backed Spectora??? Or has it changed? Nexus looks really good and price is right. I am going to take it for a test drive. I looks like there is a cost per report but will figure it out and get back to you. This is why I love InterNACHI you guys really help me out.

Thank you,


Christopher Segar

MonkeyMan Mechanicals LLC.

Nachi doesn’t “back” any report software that I’m aware of and I’ve been here going on 16 years.

I’m still using version 5 of PalmTech and have no intention of ever updating or changing, ever. :thinking:

Smart man…

You get to publish 3 at no cost - you don’t need a credit card or anything. If you burn through those, let me know and I’ll set you up with a few more. I believe once you’re used to it, you won’t go with anything else. JMO :yum:

Nachi “backs” almost every home inspection software vendor; And any other type of vendor that ask them/Nick to. INachi “backing” carries very little weight, if at all.