Buy your gas now...

The storm has not even hit yet, but gas went up $.40 a gallon today here! They are expecting the Refineries to be damaged for months. :frowning:

Months??? Where do you get your info???

Stations are running dry here in knoxville gas went up about 80 cents Anyone got idea;s on mounting a ladder rack on a bike?:roll:

It just goes to show greed
I drove to a nearby station and it was $4.33

I drove a little and found most at $4.15

In between it was $3.91.
This stuff was all over the map today.

Same here…I got lucky though, most stations jumped up
.40 cents (which I think is the most they can go without being prosecuted
for price couching), I found one station that was still selling gas
at the original price…although the lines reminded me of the 70’s…still
at 3.69 p/g when everyone is 4.19…I’m not complaining.

It goes up everytime I need to go out of town. Damn them politicians!

I thought they engineered these coastal refineries to withstand a Cat. 4 storm?

Don’t feel bad,guys!Prices went up here in Toronto,Canada, by 11 cents a litre. That’s about 50 cents a gallon. ( I think )

It was $548 a gallon in Atlanta this morning, and a Quik Tripin Snellville, were out of gas, they said they will get more on Monday, but expect prices to be over $7. There were many others out of gas, from the rush to buy.

Atlanta gas prices

Yeah This evening where I live north of Atlanta gas was ranging 3.99 to 4.69. I did an inspection in Atlanta today and did not see gas over $5.

But it would not surprise me if gas continued to climb… the Governor here stays he’s watching out for gouging… yeah right. All this on speculation, they do not even know the extent of the damage to the refineries.

Anyone paying over or about $6 a gallon yet?

Current U.S. and Canadian gas prices here

Someone’s been watching way too much CNN spin

For a modest investment you’ll never have to pay for gas again (watch the video)](

I guess they can’t build them strong enough to withstand speculator greed … :roll:

My thoughts exactly!