Fujitsu Air Conditioner

Does anyone have any information on a Fujisu remote A/C unit?

Model: AOU24D
S/N: T001892


Many thanks!:slight_smile:

Never heard of such an animal:p but I bet is has a compressor, condenser and fan motor just like all of the rest. OHHH you are looking for a date.

How have you been William. Business is finally starting to boom here again.

Good Charley! Thanks.
Picking up around here as well but man there sure is a lot of inventory out there that’s not moving! :shock:

I figured I was stretching trying to find some info…:slight_smile:

May 1980 or May 2000, pick one.

Thanks Russel… that helps.

Looks like a single room split system to me William. I had a sayno I believe once to cool a remote shop, worked excellent.


Thanks for the links Brian!:slight_smile: