Full Depth Cut in LVL Beam

Hello all!

My new build development home is currently under construction and a concern issue was brought to my attention by one of the workers.

They informed me that the LVL beam in the basement has been cut, by what appears to be a chainsaw (based on cut thickness). The cut runs the full depth of the beam (~3 in), and is 1/2 to 1 inch deep.

I don’t know the span of the beam, or much details. But I have scheduled a walk through with the builder and will take measurements and pictures then. I will upload them when I get them next week.

Just wanted to see your opinion on this, is it cause for concern for the longevity of the house? Should the builder take action?

Thank you!

Pictures are needed and probably an SE.


It looks something like this. I drew it on, but I’ll get actual photos next week.


Tension side notching should be avoided. Field notching can be a problem. Here is a document that supports my assertion. It can be done, but with special care. This document reinforces @lkage recommendation that an SE evaluate. APA_LVL_Hole_Drilling.pdf (328.5 KB)


Really can not reply to this based on a stock photo and some sharpie marks. These are complex issues that required careful examination taking into account many issues. I would have a qualified person come and look at it with you if you are concerned. Answers from an online forum are not going to really be qualified.

Also, I would get a pre-drywall inspection by a qualified home inspector.

I’ll wait on pictures to provide comment. But you should bring a structural engineer with you during the walk.