LVL Beam Damaged

Attached are photos of a damaged LVL support beam in my new build home. Looks like the framers accidentally put a cut in it. The cut depth is about 1/8".

In everyone’s expert opinion, will this compromise the integrity of the LVL? How should this be repaired?



Not if it’s only 1/8" deep. Looks more like a manufacturer defect than a saw cut. That is not a LVL microlam beam. It’s a Glulam beam.

Looks like it was used as a saw cut table.

aside from how it looks I doubt it has impacted the load bearing capability of the Glulam.

Looking at a zoomed in view of the second pic, it appears that the one board has a bit of ‘wane’ to it, which should have zero effect on the functionality of the Glulam due to it’s constructive design. It does NOT appear to be a ‘saw cut’ in any manner.


Hate to say this Jeffrey but I think your wrong, its a saw cut.:mrgreen:

Ask me why?


I agree. I would tear the contractor a new azzhole though, for using it as a cutting surface.

Sorry guys, it’s minor waning in the one of the boards. There is another smaller one below.

Knowing that support beams (and pretty much everything else in home construction) is made to withstand a great deal more load than is actually ever placed on it (with the occasional exception of roof rafters under an extremely heavy and wet snow load), and considering the minor extent to which that beam is compromised, I would say you have nothing to worry about.