Full lunar eclipse this Sunday

I believe from about 8:30pm to 12:30. Enjoy!:wink:

Supermoon they call it. Will be blood orange. Going to be a sight to see.

Tides will be ripping… fishing will be hot:)

Looks like the skies might clear here in Bmore.
One of the cool things about a full lunar eclipse is now much the moon really does look like a big ball hanging in space. Most of the time the moon looks very flat in comparision.

Thanks should be a great show …

Just noticed the new logo…nice:D

Thanks, Dave.

It may be cloudy by me but here is a live webcast link to see it regardless of the clouds:


Thanks Larry!:smiley: Looks like a wash out here too:neutral:

Goes more with our company then the original logo. Got the anchor and the bay in the logo. My wife and I designed it yesterday.

I friggen like it :slight_smile:
Well done and different.

Just a taste…

You talkin about the Lunar Eclipse or my logo:p

Logo Man :slight_smile:

Thanks Man:D


Here: http://www.nachi.org/forum/attachments/f2/103579d1443409444-international-association-certified-home-inspectors-blood-moon-background-nachi-blood-moon-background-1920x1080p.jpg

Like the blood moon logo Nick! It is sunny here like 350 days a year, and it had to be cloudy here last night :frowning: on a brighter note it was cloudy again here today (with all the sun here I have come to find cloudy days very refreshing ) and the first of the two attics I inspected today was actually probably under 100 degrees and the one this afternoon was only like 120 degrees:mrgreen: