Tuesday may get weird

Tuesday we have two big astronomy event occurring.
The sun has just entered a solar flair phase as part of its 11 year cycle with a the most active part aimed directly at Earth on Tuesday.

I also read that a giant Asteroid will be passing between us and the moon at the same time.

Neither publication linked the two events …but I did.Yikes!!!

Here’s a website that I frequent quite often that updates all types of space activity daily, including both you mentioned and many more……… :shock:


Maybe they’re right, just can’t pinpoint it.

If nothing else look for cell phone issues and a really cool Aurora Borelis.
Remember capturing a little of it here in Chicago on a couple pictures 5 or 6 years ago and was amazed at the light show.
Only time I ever saw it in the city.

Bob, read the article again. The asteroid is not passing between the earth and moon. It is passing closer to the earth than the moon. There is a difference. :wink:

I actually heard on wbbm news radio earlier that it was and will pass about 200,000 from us.
I know the Moon if memory serves is about 254,000 mi.

They may have meant crossing the plane of orbit but either way it is pretty close.

The Mormons are right… we should all have some long-term food storage. The grid in the U.S. is pretty old, it could go down.

Now, there’s a Gerry B. / Monty Python understatement . . .:roll:
It was only a few years ago that much of CA and a chunk of the US experienced that, and a lot more is predicted in the way of solar storms over the next year or so!

Chicken Little:shock::wink:

2012 is coming…

Here are some more interesting theories to ponder on, starting with Solar Storms.

The poor asteroid will be destroyed by all our space junk…


I grew up in the LDS Church & agree. I keep food & water storage, an emergency preparedness kit & extra gas on hand for the generator. Better safe than sorry, as I found out the hard way in the past & as people are now finding out in Connecticut.

Also everyone needs to know about this.
National Alert Test Next Wednesday, “This is a Test….This is only a Test.”

I am busy all day , don’t have time for it!!!

The world is not ending in 2012, I have a box of kraft dinner that expires in 2014,

Wow…I gotta stop running my business so I can Keep up with all this. HAHA


The ground started shaking at Charley’s house already!

Kevin writes:

Yep. The Church of LDS makes the best PSAs BTW. Very uplifting IMHO.