Fully functional shower

Found an interesting shower today. I thought I would show some pictures for interest sake. Some of the defects are obvious.

Not even sure where to start on that one!!! LOL

Is the pole holding up the ceiling or for something else

You are being picky, that is hmm what they call a shower for the working man. lolol

Champagne bottle and a stripper pole … nice :stuck_out_tongue:

A number of the floor joists in this home were compromised so they placed random teleposts in the basement. This one just happened to be in the middle of the shower. That other thing on the floor is the remnants of a toilet flange. I guess they were expanding the shower and the toilet had to go… Also, I don’t think the fluorescent light was rated for use in showers. :mrgreen:

I think the champagne and the stripper pole were just a homely touch. LOL